B.S. Workflow Chart

We have vast experience with a wide variety of training and recruitment techniques. We are committed to excellence in overseas placement, offer free pre-screening services, credential verifications, interviews, mobilization etc. Our network enables clients to benefit from a package tailored to their needs & time requirements. A unique feature is our computerized and personally managed Databank. Our endeavour is to team up for hiring the best workforce . We have adapted a systematic working strategy to maintain the standards for efficient and delivering high value services to our esteem clients. Workflow is illustrated below:

Acquire Recruitment Plan
The initial process to commence recruitment of Nepalese workforce is to acquire the specific demand with detailed terms & conditions from the Employer /Sponsor. On the affirmation of demand, a duly attested document required by our Labour Department is provided from concerned company in the favor of recruitment agency.

Pre-Approval & Advertisement
The duly attested original document from Employer/Sponsor is submitted to Department of Labour for the pre-approval. The approval from the labour department gives the authenticity of demand. The approval permits us to publish the demand in the National newspaper to call eligible candidates for application.

Our panels of experts conduct pre-screening to maintain applicant’s standards as per criteria and terms & conditions. The objective is to deliver quality service efficiently. Applicants are subject to an oral and written examination. In most cases, we evaluate them based on the specifications required by our client. For the skilled to justify their practical know-how conducted by a reliable and experience.

Interview by Representative /Company
The selected applicants from the pre-screening are produced to the company representative or company to attend the Interview for decisive selection.

Short-listing of Applicants
We maintain systematic way to short-list potential candidates. Selection is made purely merit basis of interview by employer or agency itself through evaluation of practical & oral test.

Trade Test
The skilled categories are obligated to undergo trade test from any certified technical training institutes. This avail us to evaluate individual’s efficiency & proficiency.

Medical Test
All prospective candidates for overseas assignment are subjected to rigorous health checks in order to ascertain their physical and mental fitness. Medical test is done from the authorized health centers of Nepal.

Visa Processing/Endorsement
Medically and physically fit candidates are processed further for their employment visa. The visa processing procedure varies from country to country.
Paper visa: The employer/sponsor issues visas in favor of person individually. The legal document is provided to the recruitment agency for completion government formalities.
Endorsement on Passport: The visa endorsement on passport is obtained from concerned Consulate/Embassy of employer. All necessary documents to assist visa endorsement from embassy are provided by the employer.

Final Approval (Government Formalities)
The recruitment company obtains the final approval for the candidates from clearance from Labour department and immigration. All necessary clearances as per labor law of Nepal are deposited to obtain final approval i.e. government fees, taxes, insurance etc.
Travel Arrangement
After completing all the formalities, i.e., visa, employment contract, valid passport, etc., the documents will be forwarded to our Travel Agents for reservation of seats on airlines.

Notify Client/Deployment
The mobilization status is updated to client by reliable means via telephone, fax or email prior to their mobilization. The recruitment agencies give final orientation and handover all the necessary relevant documents to the workers for deployment.

End of Process
The final detailed summary report to our clients is furnished on the completion of the recruitment.