Capital : Kathmandu
Area : 1, 47,181 Sq. Km.
Population : 30 Million
Geographic Location : Longitude – 80° 4′ East – 88° 12′ East
Latitude – 26° 22′ North – 30° 27′ North
Climate : Tropical, Sub-Tropical, and Cold
Political system : Federal Democratic Republic System
National Language : Nepali
Nepal is a mountainous and land locked country situated between two giant neighbors, China to the North and India to the South, East and West Nepal boasts of having the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest. Nepal is familiar in the world for the enchanting Himalayas, beautiful panorama, snow-capped mountains, gorgeous historic monuments and brave Gurkha soldiers. The economy of Nepal mainly depends on agriculture and tourism. Handicrafts, herbal products, spices are the major exports.

Why Nepalese

Nepal is one of an ideal source to supply workers in different categories. The lack of opportunities in Nepal due to political in-stability and insufficient industries compels them to look for the job outside. Over the past few years, employers from overseas countries are paying their attention to Nepal for recruitment of work force to cope with increasing requirement of workforce. The increasing demand of workforce from other countries of the world indicates the proficiency, ability, and hard working qualities of Nepalese workers. The features and advantages of recruiting Nepalese human resource are as;

⦁ Nepalese people are extremely loyal to their employers having high sense of responsibilities. Especially, the Middle – East and East Asian Countries have shifted their interest towards Nepalese manpower by recruiting them in different categories.

⦁ The multicultural environment, climatic condition in Nepal enables the workers instantly adapt the living with co-workers from different nationalities and working environment.

⦁ Wide choices of workers ranging from professional, skilled, semi skilled and unskilled almost in all fields are available for instant placement.

⦁ Nepalese workers are hardworking, reliable and laborious and sustain relentlessly, without hitch and without any kind of discontent.

⦁ Sourcing workforce from Nepal is comparatively much cheaper than other countries.

⦁ Least involved in criminal activities.

⦁ The procedures and formalities for recruitment of Nepalese workers are comparatively simple.